Customisable Branding

It's important for your business events to be presented professionally, so we have designed Event Gate so you can customise your event registration forms with your company's branding including colors, fonts, company logo and other images.

Flexible Payment Options

Event Gate provides you with the option of how you would like to receive payments for your online event registrations. Methods for payment include credit card payments or emailing the attendee an invoice including payment instructions (eg cheque, direct deposit, BPay) or integrating with your PayPal account.

We also provide a cash payment option where cash payments can be entered directly by the event organiser.

Secure Credit Card Transactions

Event Gate uses SSL with 128bit encryption for attendees payment details so you can rest assured that your event attendees transactions will not be compromised. For added security, attendees credit details are not stored anywhere on our site.

Payment Gateway Integration

Event Gate is designed to integrate with your existing payment gateway (eg SecurePay, CamTech, NAB Transact, eWay, ANZ eGate, Westpac Payway Net etc) so you get paid directly into your business merchant account. If you don't have a payment gateway and/business merchant account we can help set one up for you.

Scan Attendee Tickets

Download our companion mobile app to scan attendee tickets when they arrive

Currently available from Google Play Store

Automated Tax Invoice Email

Attendees will receipt an instant payment notification on completion of their registration and payment process. They will also be simultaneously be emailed a tax invoice for their records.

Configurable Ticketing Options

We understand that each business's needs are unique this is why we have included flexible event ticketing options to suit your online ticketing requirements. Whether your event registration requires early bird tickets, optional purchases, group discount tickets, discount code tickets, package tickets or multi-day events Event Gate can solve your online event ticketing needs.

Add Your Own Questions

Each event registration may require capture of different details from your attendees. Maybe you need to know of any special dietary requirements for a dinner event or you want to provide a dropdown list of where the attendee heard about your event. These requirements can be fulfilled by adding custom questions to your registration form. You can add any number of Textboxes, Dropdown Lists, Dates, Comments, Yes/No Questions and Checkboxes to meet your data capture needs.

Also, to make it easier for your attendees to register, only questions relevant to them are displayed. This can be triggered by their response from any previous question allowing you to create a streamlined, intuitive experience for your attendees.

Real-time Reporting

You can access a variety of reports so you can keep track of who will be attending each event, how many tickets are sold and transaction reconciliation. You may also download the reports in csv format ready to be imported in MS Excel or included in a MS Word mail merge document.

You can also optionally be emailed a "Weekly Digest" report keeping you updated with tickets purchased for the previous week as well as running totals for up coming events.

Contact Management

All your attendees who have registered for you events are collected into your own contacts database. You can also upload your existing contacts from your current contacts database/CRM.

Event Gate also provides a web service API to allow an automated synchronisation solution to be developed between your contacts database and Event Gate contacts.

Email Event Invitations

You can invite your contacts to your events by creating customisable mail merge email templates. Email templates themes are based on your event registration form to provide brand consistency.

Your clients will receive a personalised link which directs them to the registration form already filled in with the details they used for the previous event.

Multiple Users

Some organisations may have a number of users involved in organising events. Event Gate provides the option of creating multiple user logins and assigning different levels of access for each user. For example you may have an “Administrator” who can add or remove users, an “Event Manager” who can create and edit events and a “Report Viewer” who can only view reports relating to events.

Manage Registration Changes

There is always a few registrants who for one reason or another require changes made to their registration. Event Gate allows event organisers to change the attendees details, tickets purchased, re-print updated invoices or to remove the registration from the event.

We also provide a report to allow you to view all of the registration changes made, when they were made and by whom.

Something Missing?

At Event Gate we are keen to grow our product to meet your business needs. If we currently don't have a feature needed for your events, please contact us and we will try to meet your requirements.