Tutt Enterprises Pty Ltd Trading as "Event Gate"
ACN: 142 218 031

  1. Acceptable Content

    Users are not permitted to publish material that is of an offensive or illegal nature including but not restricted to material that is pornographic, violent, contains offensive language or is racist.

  2. Email

    Users shall not use the email functionality to send unsolicited emails (spam). If a user chooses to send email to their contacts they agree that each contact has confirmed that it is their wish to receive email correspondence from the user.

  3. Termination

    Event Gate reserves the right to terminate user access and client privileges who breach any conditions listed above or any other behaviour which is deemed to be inappropriate and in such a case will return the users subscription fee pro rata unless costs or damages have been incurred by Event Gate due to the breach. In the event of a termination, Event Gate will not be liable for any costs or damages incurred due to lost of ticket sales revenue.

  4. Limited Liability
    1. Event Gate provides a software solution providing facility for organisations to sell event tickets and merchandise online. The Event Gate software provides a software mechanism to allow purchasers to transfer funds directly to the client in return for tickets or merchandise. As such, Event Gate do not receive any funds from the purchaser and are in no way connected to or responsible for the delivery of an event. As such, Event Gate will not be held liable to purchasers if an event is not held or otherwise deemed not fit for purpose.

    2. Event Gate will not be held liable for costs or damages incurred due to loss of ticket revenue or data loss caused by software or hardware failure unless required to do so by law. Although we endeavour to ensure the reliability of our software and hosting we cannot guarantee our service unless we factor this into our pricing. Our software is thoroughly unit and regression tested prior to release, the software is hosted in a fully redundant data centre with a hosting provider who has a 99.95% uptime guarantee. We backup our databases every 15 minutes onsite and have weekly backups offsite.

  5. Interpretation
    • We:- Tutt Enterprises Pty Ltd trading as Event Gate

    • Event Gate software:- The online registration software developed and hosted by Tutt Enterprises Pty Ltd trading as Event Gate

    • Client:- The legal entity (individual or organisation) who has subscribed to use the Event Gate software. The client is ultimately responsible for the actions of the delegated users.

    • User(s):- Persons who have permission from the client who use the Event Gate software

    • Purchaser:- A person who purchases tickets or merchandise via the Event Gate software