Here's what our clients are saying about us...

I just wanted to extend my thanks to you and your organisation for allowing us to use Event Gate for our registrations for our recent conference.

I found the platform very easy to use, and the reports made my life so much easier! It was also easy for me to amend registrations when staff changed things or made mistakes!

I am certainly happy to recommend your product to others, and would certainly use it again.

Kim Leecroft, Cancer Council NSW

Thank you Event Gate for providing outstanding customer service and problem solving skills. I appreciate the time the sales team and support team took to get my registrations up and running. It has made it so easy to manage our events we can now focus on creating more events for the community to attend! Great service and great product.

Rebecca Smith, Womens Wellbeing Association

We have had a great experience using your program and hope we have another event that will be suitable to use it again in the future.

Amanda Waters, Cobb+Co Museum | Queensland Museum

...I tell you that I am SUPER IMPRESSED with Event gate. These are the reasons why.

  1. Customer Service – not once have I spoken to some one who lives in India and pretends they are in Melbourne (I am not racist either just overseas telemarketers and call centre’s frustrate me)
  2. I have had a response in less than 24 hours via email when I have contacted you
  3. You have ALWAYS give me information that has been relevant, informative and useful
  4. You have personally called to see if I am going ok with your system
  5. The Excel sheet I have just had emailed me with all the contacts that have registered ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AWESOME
  6. You give me guidance because I am sometime technologically challenged
  7. Your forms are easy to use, easy to load AND THEY WORK, unlike the [other] system I have used in the past which has been very hit and miss.
  8. I don’t have to play around with code
  9. Did I mention the customer service ??
  10. Did I mention the forms and excel spreadsheets??

Thank you so much already for your assistance and ease of use program. I am definitely using this for my next year’s event and future events from there on in.

Deborah Dagger, 2WheelBabes

Event Gate has been of great benefit to WSAA, saving time and money across small and large events and allowing us to bill them quickly and easily. This has led to great increases in revenue generated by events that we hold (it has allowed us to run many more events and larger events) while reducing WSAA’s costs. Also, the process of receiving faxes and entering information into our systems manually is a thing of the past which has been greatly appreciated by our staff.

Event Gate’s user friendly design has also meant rather than having to train Staff, they have heard about it and wanted to start using it for their Events because of the time saving it offers, it has been adopted quickly without the need for any training or persuasion.

After assessing the costs, training requirements and ease of use of other online Event Management systems as well as several desktop Event Management Packages, Event Gate has been a clear winner in practically every area.

Jason Robertson, WSAA (Water Services Association of Australia)

I really found using Event Gate much easier than I expected. It was good to be able to create a test event and play around with different options... it really was a case of "I wonder what does this button do...?" I couldn't really mess it up!

Paula York, Melbourne Church of Christ